Xmms_sndfile is an input plugin for XMMS, the X MultiMedia System sound file player. XMMS already plays MP3 and some WAV files. Using xmms_sndfile extends the capabilities of XMMS to open and play any file which can be opened and read by libsndfile. Like XMMS, xmms_sndfile and libsndfile are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Xmms_sndfile should compile and work correctly on any system supported by XMMS but unfortunately has only been tested on i386 Linux and PowerPC Linux. If it it doesn't work on your platform you should send me a bug report (contact details below).


The latest release of xmms_sndfile is xmms_sndfile-1.2.tar.gz.
You will also need the latest version of libsndfile which is available here.


It is assumed that you already have XMMS installed. If you are using one of the RPM based distributions like Redhat or Mandrake, you will also need to install the XMMS development package which will be named something like xmms-devel-*.rpm.

The first step is to install libsndfile using the INSTALL directions in the libsndfile tarball. After installing libsndfile, you will need to run ldconfig to set it up so that it can be used by other programs.

Finally you can install xmms_sndfile in a similar manner to libsndfile. Once that is done, run XMMS. In the preferences dialog box of you should see libxmms_sndfile listed with the input plugins.


Bug reports etc to : Erik de Castro Lopo.